Hwang Lab Publications

*Hass E. P., *Lee Y. H. , Campodonico W., Lee Y. K., Lasda E., Shah J. S., †Rinn J. L., and †Hwang T.. Massively Parallel Dissection of RNA in RNA-Protein Interactions in Vivo. BioRxiv (2022), 2022.06.13.495920. *equal contribution, †co-corresponding.

†Hwang, T., Kim, S., Chowdhury, T., Yu, H. J., Kim, K, M., Kang, H., Won, J, K., Park, S, H., Shin, J, H. and †Park, C, K. Genome-wide perturbations of Alu expression and Alu-associated post-transcriptional regulations distinguish oligodendroglioma from other gliomas. Communications Biology (2022), 5, 1, 62. †co-corresponding

Taeyoung's Previous Publications (Selected)

*Long Y., *Hwang T., Gooding A. R., Goodrich K. J., †Rinn J. L. and †Cech T.R. RNA is essential for PRC2 chromatin occupancy and function in human pluripotent stem cells. Nature Genetics (2020), 52: 931-938. *equal contribution, †co-corresponding.

Price A.J., Hwang T., Tao R., Burke E.E., Rajpurohi A., Shin J.H., Hyde T.M., Kleinman J.E., Jaffe A.E., Weinberger D.R. Characterizing the nuclear and cytoplasmic transcriptomes in developing and mature human cortex uncovers new insight into psychiatric disease gene regulation. Genome Research (2020), 30 (1) 1-11.

*Hwang T., *Mathios D., McDonald K. L., Daris I., Park S. H., Burger P. C., Kim S., Dho Y. S., Carolyn H., Bettegowda C., Shin J. H., Lim M., Park C. K. Integrative analysis of DNA methylation suggests down-regulation of oncogenic pathways and reduced somatic mutation rates in survival outliers of glioblastoma. Acta Neuropathol Commun. (2019), Jun 3;7(1):5. * equal contribution.

Hwang T., Park C. K., Leung A. K., Gao Y., Hyde T . M. , Kleinman J. E., Rajpurohit A., Tao R., †Shin JH, †Weinberger DR. Dynamic regulation of RNA editing in human brain development and disease. Nature Neuroscience (2016), Aug;19(8):1093-9. †co-corresponding.

Hwang T. and Park T. Identification of differentially expressed subnetworks based on multivariate ANOVA. BMC Bioinformatics (2009), Apr 30;10:128.